Digital pressure sensing

An incredible diagnostic tool to protect pumps and manage filter cleanings

Digital water pressure sensing in real-time

Real-time water sensing provides instant feedback on water pressure at the filter tank.

Accurate monitoring

Precise and reliable measurements of pressure at the filter tank tracked over time to monitor the longevity of your filter

Proactive maintenance

Proactively schedule filter cleanings for optimal filter health

Time and cost savings

Automated monitoring reduces manual testing and optimizes chemical usage, saving time and money.

Pump Protect with AI

Integrating our sensor with advanced AI capabilities safeguards pool pumps by identifying issues like cavitation or "running dry"


This approach reduces maintenance costs, improves water quality and enhances the overall pool experience for customers

Full automation

With the clyr automation controller, sense and dispense as needed and let the AI system optimize your pump schedule in the process

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Order our add on connected devices like the pressure sensor to fully automate your pool!

Pressure sensor

Works in both chlorine and salt pools

Thread Connections: 1/4" NPT
12V DV 10' outdoor cable
Digital Communication:
Pressure Range: 0-50 psi
Mounting: At top of filter tank recommended with 1/4" NPT Tee for secondary analog gauge

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Installed on thousands of pools

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