5 Years in business

Smart Skimmer was first product to market in 2019. Growing 100% YoY.


2 patents granted

Multiple patents pending for disruptive pool products


Team members

A strong team of engineers, designers and programmers

The story behind our company

In 2017, two pool owners, an electrical engineer and naval architect, brainstorm how to efficiently manage their pool while keeping their families safe - clyr is born. Our mission is to develop smart pool automation and monitoring devices. The first product, the smart skimmer, entered the market is 2019. The smart skimmer became the first solar powered direct to WiFi pool chemistry monitor.

In 2020 we began development of the automation control system and the smart refill valve. The automation controller will be entering the market in 2023, quickly followed by the refill valve. Our goal is make our customers feel confident that their pool is always ready for a swim, while reducing their energy costs and simplifying their pool maintenance. We are proudly based in Houston, TX. All our products are designed, engineered and built in the USA.

Strong values that bring great people together


We are focused on disruptive technologies in the pool sector. Our automation controller will be the first residential focused vendor agnostic control system in the pool market.


A trusted team of engineers, programmers


A private company based in Houston, TX.


Product growth 100% YoY


All our products are assembled by hand and quality tested before shipment

Let’s work together

Our team is growing! If you are interested in working with a small technology company in the Houston area please reach out to us.

Software Intern

Software Intern

Houston, TX

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A trusted group of investors and partners