The clyr AI automation controller

The clyr controller is the first cross-platform AI powered equipment controller to hit the pool market

Control your pool from your phone

The clyr smart controller interfaces with the majority of pool equipment with advanced AI features like autopilot

Control your pool equipment

Know the status of your pump and salt cell in real time. Our AI system will optimize your schedules for optimal efficiency and sanitization

Reduce your carbon footprint

Setup smart scheduling for optimal energy use while maintaining sufficient sanitizer levels

Lower your energy consumption

Save money on your energy with smart scheduling

A suite of connected devices on your pool pad

The clyr automation controller brings all of your pool equipment data, and settings, to your fingertips anywhere in the world

Connect with the smart skimmer

Along with the smart skimmer, the clyr controller is able to offer combined pool automation with chemistry monitoring

Connect ancillary devices

Connect your salt cell and pump for true automation. CO2 injection valves and smart filter tank pressure monitoring also available

Powerful features

An AI automation system to help pool owners save time, money, and effort while ensuring that their pool remains clean, safe, and energy-efficient.

Water quality monitoring

A control system paired with the smart skimmer that can monitor chemical levels in the pool and alert you of imbalances or irregularities.

Energy efficiency

Optimizes energy usage of the pool's equipment based on usage patterns and other relevant factors.

Smart scheduling

Automates scheduling of maintenance and adjusts pool settings based on weather conditions and other factors.

Take control of your pool today

Order our add on connected devices today to fully automate your pool!


Pumps: Black and Decker, Hayward Ecostar & Tristar, Jacuzzi, Pentair Intelliflo, Jandy FloPro
Salt cells: Hayward AquaRite, IntelliChlor, Jandy AquaPure
Heaters: All major OEMs
Valves: All major OEMs (qty 4)
Blowers/pumps relays: All major OEMs (qty 4)
ORP/pH: Clyr inline sensor
Pressure: Clyr digital pressure sensor
Connection: WiFi direct, RS485
Accessories: Charging cable & RS485 cables

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An industry standard for all pools

Frequently asked questions


Is there a discount for bulk orders?

Clyr offers discount pricing on subscription services when purchasing more than one device. Please contact for more information.


Do we ship internationally?

Clyr does not ship internationally at this time, however we do intend to ship internationally in the future. If you have questions regarding an international order please contact for more information.


Can I share my Clyr account with my pool service provider?

Through a subscription you can share your device with 3rd parties.


Do I need WiFi in my pool?

Yes. The Clyr Smart Skimmer is a plug and play device that connects directly to WiFi. It is recommended that you determine WiFi strength at the pool skimmer cover location prior to purchase. Several WiFi extending devices are available on the market to increase WiFi strength to keep your device connected. The Smart Skimmer is also configured with Bluetooth for direct communication with your phone when in range.