Autonomous pH control

Simplify Pool Maintenance: Unleash the Power of AI based pH control

Your water always balanced

Optimize your dosing schedule to run your pump more efficiently for clear, safe water - or setup clyr autopilot and let AI do it for you!

Healthier water for your skin

CO2 converts into carbonic acid (a MILD acid) to lower your pH


Inject and sequester CO2 directly into your pool water.

No subscriptions, no cassettes

Free control to run your pool manually. Clyr autopilot for a $15/mo flat fee

How does CO2 injection for pH control work?

Sense through the clyr inline probe or the clyr smart skimmer. As your pH drops the clyr system injects CO2 directly into your pool via your pump drain port or filter tank

Digital ORP, pH and temperature

The smart skimmer takes a measurement every 15 minutes and pushes it to the clyr app

Clyr automation controller

Take full control of your pool equipment with the clyr automation controller. Sense and dispense as needed and let the AI system optimize your pump schedule in the process

Why CO2?

CO2 controls pH without imbalances, unlike other acids that lower alkalinity and increase TDS.

Environmentally friendly

CO2 is non-toxic, dissipates without residues, doesn't affect alkalinity and poses fewer health and safety risks than conventional acids

Precise control

CO2 injection allows for accurate and finely tuned pH adjustment, which is crucial in maintaining strict pH control

Cost-effective & energy-efficient

CO2 is readily available, cost-effective, and energy-efficient compared to the production and transportation of other acids

Download our clyr autopilot app

Order our add on connected devices like the CO2 Injection Kit to fully automate your pool!

CO2 injection kit
for pH control

Works in both chlorine and salt pools

pH: In-line sensors or Smart Skimmer (sold seperately)
Valve: Clyr ball valve - fail safe close
Connection: Wired to clyr controller
Regulator: Double gauge CO2
Charge: Micro USB (waterproof)
Accessories: Power cable to clyr controller, CO2 hose including check valve and 1/4" NPT fittings, CO2 regulator protective cover
NOT INCLUDED: CO2 tank sold separately

$329 - Buy Now

Installed on thousands of pools

Frequently asked questions


Do we ship internationally?

Clyr does not ship internationally at this time, however we do intend to ship internationally in the future. If you have questions regarding an international order please contact for more information.


Can I share my Clyr account with my pool service provider?

Through a subscription you can share your device with 3rd parties.


Do I need WiFi in my pool?

Yes. The Clyr Smart Skimmer is a plug and play device that connects directly to WiFi. It is recommended that you determine WiFi strength at the pool skimmer cover location prior to purchase. Several WiFi extending devices are available on the market to increase WiFi strength to keep your device connected. The Smart Skimmer is also configured with Bluetooth for direct communication with your phone when in range.