Digital water sensing

Harness the Power of Digital Precision for Unmatched Water Quality Control

Digital water sensing in real-time

Real-time water sensing provides instant feedback on water quality, enabling proactive maintenance and swift corrective actions.

Accurate monitoring

Precise and reliable measurements of ORP, pH, and temperature enable prompt detection of imbalances

Proactive maintenance

Swift corrective actions can be taken based on immediate feedback to prevent issues like algae blooms

Time and cost savings

Automated monitoring reduces manual testing and optimizes chemical usage, saving time and money.

How does the inline sensor work?

Connect your sensor to your upstream or downstream of your pool pump. The sensor comes with standard 3/4" NPT thread to interface with standard PVC fittings.

Digital ORP, pH and temperature

Connected to the clyr automation controller, the system takes measurements in real time and pushes it to the clyr app

Full automation

With the clyr automation controller sense and dispense as needed and let the AI system optimize your pump schedule in the process

Why ORP?

CO2 controls pH without imbalances, unlike other acids that lower alkalinity and increase TDS.

Environmentally friendly

CO2 is non-toxic, dissipates without residues, and poses fewer health and safety risks than conventional acids

Precise control

CO2 injection allows for accurate and finely tuned pH adjustment, which is crucial in maintaining strict pH control

Cost-effective & energy-efficient

CO2 is readily available, cost-effective, and energy-efficient compared to the production and transportation of other acids

Download our clyr autopilot app

Order our add on connected devices like the ORP/pH/temp sensor to fully automate your pool!

Clyr sensor

Works in both chlorine and salt pools

ORP: -2000 to 20000 mV
+/- 0.1
(Optional) 0-20 ppm +/- 0.1
Digital Communication:
RS485 Modbus
Mechanical Connection: 3/4" NPT male
12 ft shielded four (4) conductor cable
Accessories: Power/communication cable to clyr controller, protective cap
NOT INCLUDED: Clyr automation controller

$249 - Preoder

Installed on thousands of pools