Make your pool skimmer smart

The Smart Skimmer fits most pools, charges via solar-panel, and frequently measures water quality, level, and temperature so you can monitor your pool from your phone.

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Solid State Water Level Sensor

Set your optimal water level and always know when your pool is running low, or when your pump could be running dry.

Measure Sanitizer (ORP), pH, and Temperature

  • Sanitizer – Through ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential), The Smart Skimmer determines if you have enough chlorine (or any sanitizer) in your pool, and if it’s doing its job. ORP is a superior standard for measuring water quality and adopted widely on commercial and residential pool systems.
  • pH – Water acidity (pH) is critical for comfortable swimming, sanitizer effectiveness and longevity of pool equipment.
  • Water Temperature – Instantly know the temperature of your pool, and be aware of favorable conditions for algae blooms.
Top view of smart skimmer and battery screen showing daily recharge

Self-charging solar panel

The Smart Skimmer is equipped with a power management system to remain self sustaining on solar power only. The device will modify water sampling intervals to maintain battery life.

Pool Status-Indicating LEDs

The Smart Skimmer is equipped with a step button activation. Gently applying pressure to the center of the solar panel will activate the device to instantly measure the pool water chemistry, temperature and water level and push an update to your Clyr Pool app. 

Automatic alerts & reminders

App notifications and alerts now allows you to be proactive with your chemical adjustments! The on screen guide will help with pH, Sanitizer, and water level adjustment steps.

No Extra Parts.

With the on-board solar-powered power control system, no external batteries or base stations are needed.

Set and Forget

Since there are no cassettes, cartridges, or refills, you don’t need to do anything else once the skimmer is installed.

Fits Most Pools

Universal adaptor rings enable the smart skimmer to fit 90% of circular skimmers. Square adapters are also available upon request.

Do it yourself, Better

Get everything you need to maintain your pool at home.

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