Smart skimmer features

The patented Smart Skimmer is the worlds first solar powered direct to WiFi pool monitor

Pool chemistry at the tip of your fingers

Never have a green pool again. The smart skimmer alerts you when your sanitizer is at low levels

Digital pool water monitoring

ORP, pH, water level and temperature monitoring. Works in salt and chlorine pools.

Solar charging

Equipped with power management system keeps the smart skimmer going with solar power

No subscriptions, no cassettes

Download and use our app for free. Our device is true digital, no cassettes or monthly fees

Industrial grade digital probes and sensors

The smart skimmer comes equipped an integrated, replaceable ORP/pH/temp sensor. A laser module is embedded separately for water level monitoring.

Digital ORP, pH and temperature

The smart skimmer takes a measurement every 15 minutes and pushes it to the clyr app.

Laser water level monitoring

Never let your pump run dry again. Pair it with the clyr smart water valve for an automated pool refill system.

Interactive features

The smart skimmer comes equipped with advanced features to make owning and maintaining a pool easier

LED light bar

Embedded in the device is an LED light bar. Light will illuminate each time the device takes a measurement

Step button feedback

Step on your skimmer’s solar panel to see an LED indication of your pool’s current status. Blue indicates your water chemistry is balanced.

Solar panel

A powerful marine grade 7 Volt solar panel provides power to the 7200 mAh Lithum Polymer battery.

Take control of your pool today

Order our add on connected devices today to fully automate your pool!


Works in both chlorine and salt pools

ORP: -2000 to 20000 mV
pH: +/- 0.1
FCL: (Optional) 0-20 ppm +/- 0.1
Water level: 0-17.5 cm (0-7 in)
Connection: WiFi direct
Battery: 7000 mAh lithium polymer
Charge: Micro USB (waterproof)
Accessories: 3 adaptor rings, charge cable included, square adaptor SOLD SEPARATELY

$395 - Buy Now

Installed on thousands of pools

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Digital laser level sensing

A laser module embedded in the smart skimmer with auto-filtering software provides near real-time water level for your pool

Laser range sensor

Patented technology that works in challenging environments. Solid state sensor technology