Smart Skimmer

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  • Active water level and quality monitoring
  • Self-powered using built-in solar panel
  • No cassettes or other consumable filters
  • No subscriptions or ongoing usage fees

Monitor from anywhere

The patented Smart Skimmer™ is equipped with advanced sensors that continuously measure the pH level, chlorine level, temperature, and more of your pool water, giving you real-time updates via the clyr mobile app.

With just a few taps, you can set up cleaning schedules, adjust the water level, and monitor your pool's chemical balance. You can also receive helpful notifications on your phone, such as when chemicals need to be added are reached or when the water level is too low.

Simple, sustainable design

Not does the Smart Skimmer™ add convenience to your pool maintenance routine, but it also ! The device is powered by solar panels, eliminating the need for costly batteries or electricity. Installation is a breeze, with no wires or complicated plumbing required. Simply attach the device above your pool's skimmer basket, connect it to your Wi-Fi network, and pair it with the Clyr mobile app.

What's included

Device Keto-AI Smart Skimmer Unit

Mounting Three round universal adapter rings

Power Micro USB charger and cable

Instructions Quick start guide

Storage Cap Sensor storage cap


How does the Clyr Smart Skimmer work?

The Clyr Smart Skimmer replaces an existing cover plate with a smart device. It does not float or add complication to your pool. The device is built with leading edge technology and sensors which monitor your pool chemistry. Due to the skimmer being in a fixed position, it also allows the device to measure your pool water level and detect if your pump is running, water is low or if your skimmer basket needs to be, or has been cleaned.


Will it fit my skimmer?

The Clyr Smart Skimmer is designed to fit over 90% of pools with the three (3) included adapter collars. Square skimmer cover adapters are not included with our smart skimmer at this time. Please contact for more information on a square adapter collar.

The water level sensor range is approximately 2.75” to 7.75” depth from top of deck. The pH, ORP and temperature sensors are 7.75” depth from top of pool deck. If you have questions regarding the adaptability of your skimmer with our device, please send an email to


Is there a discount for bulk orders?

Clyr offers discount pricing on subscription services when purchasing more than one device. Please contact for more information.


Do we ship internationally?

Clyr does not ship internationally at this time, however we do intend to ship internationally in the future. If you have questions regarding an international order please contact for more information.


Can I share my Clyr account with my pool service provider?

Through a subscription you can share your device with 3rd parties.


Do I need WiFi in my pool?

Yes. The Clyr Smart Skimmer is a plug and play device that connects directly to WiFi. It is recommended that you determine WiFi strength at the pool skimmer cover location prior to purchase. Several WiFi extending devices are available on the market to increase WiFi strength to keep your device connected. The Smart Skimmer is also configured with Bluetooth for direct communication with your phone when in range.


Can I place chlorine tabs in my skimmer basket?

You should not place chlorine tablets (also called chlorine pucks) into your skimmer basket. Once your pump turns off, the tablets keep dissolving in your skimmer, forming highly acidic water. Once the pump is turned back on, this same acidic water goes straight into the filter which compromises the internal parts of your filter—cartridges, o-rings, and gaskets—forcing you to replace them earlier than normally necessary. Plainck will measure and tolerate the highly acidic water, however the lifespan of the sensors will be affected. An inline chlorine feeder is the most appropriate way to dispense chlorine in conventional pools. Alternatively, utilize floating chlorine dispensers in your pool to better distribute the chlorine sanitizer.

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$ 599.00 
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Smart Skimmer

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Active water level and quality monitoring
Self-powered using built-in solar panel
No cassettes or other consumable filters
No subscriptions or ongoing usage fees
$ 599.00