No more trips to the pool store

On-location pool water testing provides you comprehensive chemical reports so you know exactly what your pool needs without leaving the house.

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10-point water test report

See all critical water quality measurements in an easy to understand report.

Clyr crew comments and suggestions showing in an emailed report

Easy to understand chemical instructions

Our Clyr Crew will not only tell you what you need to add, but will also indicate how, how much, and when your pool will be safe to swim! Easy how to steps to adjusting your pool chemistry is now in your hand with the Clyr App and Reports. Your latest report and instructions are always available for reference in your Clyr app.

Clyr Crew testing pool water quality on-location

We come to you

Lets face it, pool owners have busy lives and running up to the pool store for a water test isn’t always on the top of the list! Clyr members no longer have to worry about remembering their water sample. All water testing is done by our Crew, at your pool.

The perfect addition to the Smart Skimmer

While the 10-point water test is comprehensive, it is only a snap shot in time. Combining this report with the minute by minute data streaming from the smart skimmer, you now see your pools health in real time. This allows for minor chemical additions throughout the week.

Choose your frequency

Since each pool has different needs, some pools do better with weekly tests while others are more stable.

Immediate Results

Digital record keeping enables you to get your results as soon as they are recorded into your pool’s profile.

Trusted technology

We use industry leading water testing technology you may not yet find at your local pool store.

Do it yourself, Better

Get everything you need to maintain your pool at home.

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