Chemicals for your pool delivered to your door

Automatic chemical resupply keeps your home inventory full so you are always ready to rebalance your pool

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Basic chemical supplies needed to maintain a pool in a neat tote by a pool pad

Cover all the bases

Get essential pool chemicals delivered right to your designated supply tote on a regular basis.

Special treatments and supplies too

Request additional pool products to resolve bigger chemistry issues or schedule additional help to get it done.

Clyr crew comments and suggestions showing in an emailed report

Easy to understand chemical instructions

Know exactly how you’re doing when dosing your pool. Receive expertly crafted recommendations month after month.

Clyr Crew checking residential customer chemical supply levels near pool pad and equipment next to house

We come to you

Get visual inspections, inventory checks, and top-notch water quality tests for your pool without leaving home.

Only pay for what you need

We help you find the chemicals that work for your pool and keep them in stock at home so you don’t need to buy products you won’t use.

Designated drop zone

You decide where we deliver. Designate a spot near your pool where we can check stock levels and safely leave products for you.

Discounted Rates

As your direct supplier of chemical products, we are able pass on our bulk discounts and cut out retail overhead, saving you money per pound.

Do it yourself, Better

Get everything you need to maintain your pool at home.

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