What happens after I sign up for a trial?

After becoming a member, we will reach out and let you know the day your service will start. We will also ask you for more information about your pool and how to access it at that time. Once your membership is activated and your pool brought online, you’ll have up to date information about your pool 24/7 available in App. We will return to perform regular water tests and deliver chemicals (as needed) on a recurring basis.

What is included in the 10-point water test?

We use a Spintouch water test tool that includes Free Chlorine, Total Chlorine, Combined Chlorine, pH, Alkalinity, Hardness, Cyanuric Acid, copper, iron, phosphates, filter pressure, total dissolved solids, salinity. After the test is performed, the results are logged behind the scenes and you will immediately receive the access to the report.

What if I need extra help or some kind of pool service?

When you’re out of town or in need of a repair, you can request additional support on-demand in the app. There you can chat with a pool pro or order a la carte pool services and repairs such as filter cleaning, vacation pool service, pump replacement, etc.

How does the Smart Skimmer Hardware work?

The Keto Smart Skimmer replaces your existing skimmer cover plate. It does not float in your pool. The device is built with sensors which monitor your pool’s chemistry. Due to the skimmer being in a fixed position, it also allows the device to measure your pool water level 

What chemicals does the Smart Skimmer measure?

The keto smart skimmer measures sanitizer and pH levels in your water. Sanitizer is measured through an ORP sensor, which is an advanced method utilized to measure chlorine performance.

The Association of Pool and Spa Professionals (APSP) recommends an ORP level of 650 or higher. Therefore, as your ORP level changes with water contamination, our smart skimmer will monitor and recommend for sanitizer (chlorine) to be added, or modifications to pH, if necessary. 

What do you mean by sanitizer (ORP) and why does it matter?

Through ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential), the skimmer determines if you have enough chlorine (or any sanitizer) in your pool, and if it’s doing its job. ORP is a superior standard for measuring water quality and adopted widely on commercial pool systems.

Does the Smart Skimmer work with Salt Water Pools?

Yes, the Smart Skimmer will work with salt water pools.

Does the Smart Skimmer work with Hot Tubs/Spa?

Yes, the Smart Skimmer will work with hot tubs assuming you have a skimmer in your hot tub.

Will the Smart Skimmer fit in my skimmer?

The keto smart skimmer is designed to fit over 90% of pools with the three (3) included adapter collars. Square skimmer cover adapters are not included with our smart skimmer at this time. Please contact info@keto-ai.com for more information on a square adapter collar.

The water level sensor range is approximately 2.75” to 7.75” depth from top of deck. The pH, ORP and temperature sensors are 7.75” depth from top of pool deck. If you have questions regarding the adaptability of your skimmer with our device, please send an email to hello@clyrpool.com

Can I buy just the device?

The Smart Skimmer hardware is leased to you for no cost as a part of your Clyr Pool Membership. You can also purchase the device outright, but you won’t receive chemical deliveries or regular 10-point water tests. You’ll still be able to use the hardware and software to monitor water quality.

Can I share my data with my pool service provider?

Yes, the Clyr Pool membership, App, and Smart Skimmer hardware are all designed to create ease and flexibility for anyone managing the pool which includes intuitive sharing and communication of relevant pool telemetry.

What if I’m a pool service provider? How can I get involved?

Our vision for Clyr Pool is to provide Pool Service Providers access to a broader customer base by coordinating a la carte services needed by DIYers through an accredited partnership network. Contact info@keto-ai.com if you are interested in becoming a partner.

Do I need Wi-Fi in my pool for the Smart Skimmer?

Yes. Since Clyr Pool services leverage the “internet of things” (IoT), the hardware will need a wifi connection. The smart skimmer is a plug and play device that connects directly to your WiFi. It is recommended that you determine WiFi strength at the pool skimmer cover location prior to purchase. Several WiFi extending devices are available on the market to increase WiFi strength to keep your device connected. Our smart skimmer is also configured with Bluetooth for direct communication with your phone when in range as needed.

Can the Smart Skimmer inject chemicals for me?

No, the Smart Skimmer does not provide automated chemical injection. Our device is configured to monitor your water and provide recommendations for chemicals required to balance your water.

Do you provide chemicals?

Yes, as a member of Clyr Pool you’ll receive chemical delivery included in your service, and you only pay for what you need in addition to the recurring membership fee.

How do I get help adding chemicals my pool?

As your water quality fluctuates, you’ll receive specific dosing and treatment recommendations and notifications provided by our smart hardware and software working together to monitor your pool. You’ll also receive recommendations specific to your pool as a part of your regular 10-point water test report.

Can I place chlorine tabs in my skimmer basket with the Smart Skimmer?

Even without a Smart Skimmer, you should not ever place chlorine tablets (also called chlorine pucks) into your skimmer basket. Once your pump turns off, the tablets keep dissolving in your skimmer, forming highly acidic water. Once the pump is turned back on, this same acidic water goes straight into the filter which can damage the internal parts of your filter – cartridges, o-rings, and gaskets – forcing you to replace them earlier than normally necessary. The Smart Skimmer will measure and tolerate the highly acidic water, however the lifespan of the sensors will be affected. An inline chlorine feeder is the most appropriate way to dispense chlorine automatically in conventional pools. Alternatively, utilize floating chlorine dispensers in your pool to better distribute the chlorine sanitizer.